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Welcome to Are Butterflies Ticklish? My Journey Into Motherhood. This is my little place on the Internet where I blog about my family life, reviews, parenting, and more. I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to my family, so you would know who I am talking about in all these posts. I also thought it would be nice for sponsors to meet my review team.

The Oldest, The Inquisitive One

Ayden is my oldest and my inquisitive one. He is silly, smart, and always armed with a million questions. I love that Ayden is inquisitive and wonders so much about the world. I love his sense of humor and that he can be silly and fun. He is energetic and loves sports, especially baseball. Ayden has always been unique and quite different than any child I had ever known. He makes his own rules and sees the world in his own way. The way he sees the world isn't always pretty or happy, but he is a fighter and works everyday on his issues. Ayden is my special needs son, but that doesn't define who he is. While he has ADHD, ODD, anxiety, and mood/bipolar disorder, he is not always that person. I like to think that my Ayden is someone trapped in between those disorders, and hopefully, with help we can allow him to be more of his true self.

The Princess, The Comedian

Regan is my princess. She is beautiful and likes all things girly. If it's pink, sparkly, or shiny then she loves it. Regan is different than me, as she is so much more of a girly-girl than I have ever been. It is a unique experience, as she helps show me how to be more girly, and that it is OK to be girly sometimes. She has a fantastic sense of humor and loves to tell you the latest joke she heard or made up. I love that she likes to make other people laugh and that she can dance to any song. I also love that she is so creative and will sit and draw or color all day.

The Quiet One, The Gymnast

Nora is my quiet, graceful, gymnast. She has been behind her siblings as far as meeting milestones, but that doesn't hold her back. While she walked later than any of my other children, once she was on her feet she became graceful and elegant. She is excellent with any type of gymnastics act that you try with her, she knows just how to balance herself and land on her feet. She is finally just starting to talk, and I love to hear her try to say new words or create sentences now. She is the smallest of my children, and has always been this way. I think her tiny frame helps with her grace and natural talent to be so elegant and graceful. I love her grace, her quiet disposition, and the way she quietly observes the world. I think her ability to land on her feet goes further than just being something she can do physically, as I think she is the one that is able to stay grounded in this house amongst a sea of chaos.

The Baby, The Little One

Oliver is my baby, and not just because he is the youngest. He loves cuddles and hugs anytime he can get them. He has learned a lot from his older siblings, so he is constantly managing to get into things and climbs on everything. When the couch ends up with a hole in it and there's stuffing everywhere, or the living room is decorated in toilet paper, or someone took food out of the kitchen--it was usually little Oliver that manged to do it. I love him because he is just so loving, but not afraid to put up a fist if you ever mess with him (he has to be this way to defend himself from all the other little monsters) (just joking of course, a little).

My Husband

Kris (Osi) is my husband whom I love for the man he is. I love his sense of humor, and he can be quite sarcastic and funny. Marriage is quite funny, and it remarkably takes a lot of work. That is something I didn't realize when I became involved with him at such a young age. He has been by my side through a lot, and while it isn't always easy, he has never stopped loving me. He is a wonderful father and will take time to play with the kids or let them climb all over him, even after he has to work a long shift at work. He has many interests, but he has a love for his Charger and music. He is a quite talented musician and was once in a band. He spends his days working as a mechanic, a tow truck driver, and being a volunteer fire fighter.


I am Jessica, the person who writes all the stuff on this blog. I started this blog as a way to write what I wanted-when I wanted. I am also a freelance writer, so I often write articles for clients on topics that they choose. I also have to meet deadlines and deal with revision requests. This is a place where I can write what I want, whenever I want. I enjoy writing about numerous topics, but the ones that I am truly passionate about are breastfeeding, parenting, pregnancy, geriatrics, special needs, and mental health. I enjoy reviewing new products and sharing information about worthwhile deals and new products with my readers. I also have OCD, depression, and anxiety--but those things don't define me. They are part of who I am, but not what makes me entirely who I am. I enjoy crafts, sewing, doing activities with my children, reading, and writing. I am currently in college pursuing a degree in social work, but I may change my major to something else (I can be quite indecisive at times). Someday, I may write a book, but for now, I have my blog. I am also passionate about my faith and I am a firm believer in God. I do not follow any organized religion, as I have my own beliefs and have never found any one religion that speaks to me. I have God in my life and I try to instill God in my children's lives, and that is enough for me right now.

I hope you have enjoyed "meeting" my family and the review team. I hope that you will stick around and read some posts, where I blog about my family life--and all the chaos that surrounds us, but also the joy I find in the blessings of a large family. I also enjoy writing about numerous other topics, including breastfeeding, mental health, and children's activities, so I don't typically define myself as a one niche type of girl. What can I say? I am indecisive and passionate about too many things, so here you will find a mix of my family life, topics that interest me, and a few helpful tips along the way.

If you are a sponsor coming here to learn more about me, I would be happy to speak with you about advertising on my blog or completing a review. I also enjoy freelance writing and would be happy share my portfolio with you. I have written for Daily Glow, Merchant Circle, Hubpages, Pampers, Bounty, Parent Society, Maternity.com, and several other websites. Please contact me at jessica@arebutterfliesticklish.com Thank you.

To learn about how I decided the name for my blog, please read this post.

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