Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't Tickle The Butterfly

As excited as I am to venture into the world of blogging, the task of creating my first blog post has left me feeling speechless (almost).

I am filled with those same scary feelings that resemble the moments when my teacher called on me in my high school speech class. It wasn't that I didn't have my own thoughts, feelings or emotions to express. I simply felt a loss for words with 30 students glaring at me, some anticipating my almost certain embarrassment, while others simply did not care what I had to say at all.

So, now I sit here and contemplate what it is that I have to say that would be of any interest to anyone else.

That brings me to the reasons for starting this blog. My children. My four beautiful, crazy, exhausting, joyful children.

We recently purchased one of those butterfly kits. The one where they mail you a little tent for butterflies and a plastic tub of caterpillars. I will preface this by saying I am not a fan of bugs and watching the caterpillars shed their skin made my skin crawl. However, it was a unique opportunity for my children to experience the wonder and amazement of the life cycle of a caterpillar. So, I disregarded my queasiness and ordered the kit.

My children were fascinated, but the excitement dwindled as they waited for the caterpillars to complete their transformation. Finally, the caterpillars emerged as beautiful butterflies. My children were fascinated, engrossed in watching the fluttering of wings as the butterflies started their new life.

My children are not the most delicate creatures. They are the rough and tumble type. Constantly on the move and constantly engaging in some type of altercation, daring act or gymnastic feat. I watched closely, anticpating the moment when one of my children would certainly trample the helpless little butterfly. Then one of my children asked, as innocently and sweetly as possible, "Are butterflies ticklish?" She then proceeded to stretch out her little hand and attempt to tickle the butterfly. I quickly replied, "Don't tickle the butterfly." Such a silly question to most adults, yet one that she genuinely wanted an answer to. It was in this moment that I realized that my children truly do have a unique way of looking at the world.

A family member joked that the comment from my child would make a good title for a book. I thought it would make a good title for a blog, so here it is.

There are moments in life, precious moments, when children say or do the most extraordinary things. They grow so fast and those precious moments slip away so quickly. I may try to remember each moment, but sometimes I forget what I had for lunch that day. Work, family, life-- there are so many obligations and duties we have that we lose so many of those memories. Each memory is replaced by another and soon we start forgetting those small moments. The ones where your child stares at a bug in amazement and wonder. The times when your child asks you a question that seems to deep for his or her innocence. The moments when your child throws the biggest tantrum over a misplaced sock or pair of shoes.....Wait, do I want to remember those moments? Well, yes, actually I do. My mother has often told me to write down the things my children say or do, because these moments will escape us far to quickly. I believe this to be true. All the wonder, joy and yes even the tantrums of a child, show us how a child see's life-through his or her eyes. It may not always be pleasant or happy, for both the child or the parent. However, these moments help me discover life through the eyes of each of my children.

For someone who was feeling at a loss for words, I certainly ended up rambling on for quite a long time.So, my blog is my journey through motherhood--all the ups and the downs. I invite you all to follow me on this journey of discovering life through the eyes of a child (and discovering life through my eyes as a very blessed parent). What is one of the way's you discovered life through your child's eyes today?

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  1. Hi Jessica - I saw you in the thread at MBC and popped in to read your blog. I like it - it's nice to see someone being really honest. I try to do the same thing but I cope with humor so it comes out a lot in my writing. I also suffer depression/anxiety so it's interesting to see how other mommies deal :) Thanks for sharing. I've followed you and look forward to reading more.
    Take care,


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