Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why do people get married?

I will preface this by saying that my son is an incredibly inquisitive little boy. He questions everything and anything. He ponders things deeply, and he is never satisfied with a simple answer. His latest obsession is marriage. This how the latest interrogation...I mean conversation went.

Son: "Why do people get married?"
Mom: "People get married when they love each other."
Son: "Well, how do you find a person to marry?"
Mom: "Someday you will meet a girl and fall in love, it just happens by chance."
Son: "No, I mean where do you actually find a person to a marry. How do you meet them?"
Mom: "You can meet them anywhere, such as school, a store, or anyplace really."
Son: "Well, how does it all work?"
Mom: "You meet a girl, treat her nicely and she treats you nicely, take her out on dates, then one day fall in love, and ask her to get married."
Son :"Well, where do you take a girl on dates?"
Mom: "Honey this is a lot of questions about marriage, you really don't need to worry about this yet. This is for when you are a grown up, you are still just a kid."
Son: " Mom! Just answer the question."
Mom: "OK, fine. You can go on dates anywhere--the movies, baseball games, out to dinner, and lots of other places.
Son (becoming annoyed with me because he has not received all the answers he wants): "OK, so what happens next? What do you say? What do you do?"
Mom: "You meet a girl somewhere, say in school. You will take her out on many dates, then eventually you may fall in love with her. Once you have been together for a while, know each other well, and have fallen in love, you can ask her to marry you."
Son: "Well, what if I can't find someone to marry? What if another guy asks her before me?"
Mom: "You will find someone to marry. You just need to remember to treat girls with respect and be nice to them. But, you really don't need to worry about this now...-"
Son: "Mom, just answer me!"
Mom: (At this point all I kept thinking is this will happen when you are much, much older, and please do not grow up so fast.) "You will find someone someday, don't worry. You may meet her anywhere, at anytime. You will probably meet her when you're a grown up though, so not yet. When you do meet a girl you like, just remember to treat her well and she should treat you good too. When you fall in love, you will ask her to marry you."
Son: "So, how do you ask her to marry you? What words do you say?"
Me: "You simply say, will you marry me?"
Son: "But mom, what if she says no?" 

I am sure you get it now, so there is no need to go on. I had to laugh at the end of the conversation. He always worries over everything, and of course the conversation ends with the beginning of another long conversation...what if she says no? Well, honey, that is whole other conversation. My husband on the other hand, he keeps things real simple. His words, "Well, then you start all over again."
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