Monday, February 20, 2012

Art Activities for Children

My little ones love art projects, especially my little princess. She can sit at the table and color or cut shapes out of paper for hours. She always has new ideas for crafts and art projects on her own, but I sometimes try to find new ideas for projects, as well. My oldest son has never been a fan of crafts or art projects, but I have noticed that he is becoming a bit more interested in doing some things. (Of course, he usually likes to draw zombies, but at least he likes to draw something now.) My two littlest ones do try to join in, so I figured they all may like to do a fun art project. I decided to look at Pinterest for some new ideas, and I found some really neat art projects for children.


What are your favorite art activities to do with your children? I like the finger paint ideas, and I think the crayon project is very interesting. The mess free painting from the top picture looks very neat and I may give that a try. We have not done a ton of art projects lately, so I think we may try one of these soon.


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