Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feature Post: Devi Crafts Review and Giveaway


I have two little girls that absolutely love crafts, jewelry, and accessories. When I was contacted by Devi Crafts about doing a review, I quickly looked on the Etsy shop to see what types of products they offered. While browsing through the site, my oldest daughter came in the room and saw the screen. She immediately fell in love with a set of beautiful pink flower hair clips and begged me to buy them for her birthday. I told Deidre from Devi crafts that she definitely had products we would enjoy reviewing, and she offered to send me a few items. I did have a difficult time choosing, because there were so many pretty items in the shop.

Pretty Green Bow Charm Earrings
Felt Flowers

Fabric Flowers
A Little Bit About Devi Crafts: Deidre came to Etsy in March of 2011 as a new business owner. She did not have huge expectations for her business, as she simply wanted "a bit of recognition and a few sales." She found that her friends and family members began purchasing items from her, and she also gained new customers. As she continued her business journey and began working with different materials and mediums, she realized that she had too many craft supplies and not nearly enough time to use them all, so she decided to de-stash by opening Devi Crafts. Her plan was to sell her extra craft items, until she discovered felt. Deidre said, " It quickly became my latest craft obsession and after finally creating flowers I was proud of, I decided to include handmade supplies." After this, she closed her jewelry store and combined that shop with her new one--Devi Crafts.

Lavender Flower Victorian Style Necklace
When it comes to the inspiration behind her designs, Deidre says, "My inspiration comes from nature, the material itself, vintage clothing, and my talented husband. I usually get my best ideas right as I'm laying down at night to sleep, it's annoying but I try my best to remember them." Although Deidre says she still feels new to this and clueless at times, she has found something that she truly enjoys. In addition to creating items for Devi Crafts, she also writes at The Kindall Krew blog and runs a shop with her husband, called LDk2, where they sell unique, artistic, and eye-catching jewelry.

My Review: Deidre may say that she feels new to this, but her work is exceptional and her designs are quite lovely. I am very impressed with her work, and really had a difficult time selecting which items to review, as there are so many beautiful things in her shop. I think that all of the products they offer are lovely, and Deidre and her family are very talented. We received a headband, two pink flower hair clips, and a DIY cotton canvas flower kit.

My daughters loved the hair accessories. Although my oldest fell in love with the pink hair clips, she decided to share those with her younger sister. She did claim the headband for herself, and apparently it has the power to turn her into a ballerina. As soon as she put the headband on, she began dancing and twirling around the kitchen. To say she likes it would be an understatement. My younger daughter also loved the hair accessories, and she was thrilled to put a pink flower in her hair. She enjoyed wearing it so much that she didn't even want to take it off at bedtime.

I found the products to be well-made and overall, very pretty. They are definitely cute enough for younger girls, but the headband is something a teen or woman would want to wear, as well. It is is elegant and not overly cute, where it would seem like it is only for little girls. I would probably try it on and take a picture, if my daughter would let me. For now, pictures of two little girls will have to do, and they model them better than I would anyway (they are cute too!).

I loved looking at all of the products that Devi Crafts offers, there are gorgeous felt flowers and the DIY kits are fun and an easy way to start making your own flowers if you have never done it before. They also offer hair accessories and jewelry that is stunning.

But It: Devi Crafts sells jewelry, hair accessories, craft supplies, and felt flowers. The prices of each item vary greatly, and there is sure to be something you find that is affordable and beautiful. To buy an item from Devi Crafts, you can visit the Etsy shop.

You can also stay up to date on everything new with Devi Crafts by visiting the Facebook page or the blog.

Win It: Devi Crafts is offering my readers a $15 credit for using at their shop. With the prices of their items, you are sure to find something wonderful. Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below to be entered. Good luck!

Disclosure: I received free items to complete this review, but all of the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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