Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software Review and Coupon Code

I used to be an avid scrapbooker. I enjoyed creating scrapbooks, especially for gifts for family members. One of the projects that I enjoyed the most was making a scrapbook page and framing it, to give as gift. I admit, I have not done as much scrapbooking as I used too, mostly because it is difficult to find the time or the space for all of my supplies.

As I have started learning more about creating graphics with computer programs, I have also been interested in digital scrapbooking. So, I was excited to review My Memories Scrapbook Software, as I knew it would be something I would enjoy doing and the best part--no supplies to find a safe place for.

A Little Bit About The Company: While many other programs out there are created for professional designers, to create slide shows, or for photo editing--the My Memories Software was created as the ultimate program for those who love to scrapbook. The software is affordable and packed with tons of features that would appeal to scrapbookers. While the software is excellent for creating beautiful scrapbook pages to help share your memories, it can also be used to create calendars, greeting cards, and more.

Here are some ways you can connect with the company and stay up to date on all of the latest news and offers!

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My Review: I received a download of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software for review. I thought I would feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the options at first, but it didn't take me more than a few minutes to understand how everything was laid what and what all of the options were. I also look at the fact that it has a lot of options as a good thing--it means the program has plenty of features. I have looked at some graphic programs online that don't have many features at all, and I can never get the look I want when I am designing a picture. I have also looked at some photo editing programs online that are way to advanced and while they claim that they are easy to learn, I have not had much luck with some programs out there. One thing a lot of the programs lacked was scrapbooking features, as well. I have used some programs that said you could do scrapbook pages with them, but I was never able to figure out how.

I decided to sit down and try the program out, and I truly spent nearly an entire day playing with the software. I knew I had other things to do, but I just wanted to keep trying to create other new pages. I have completed a few pages so far, but I have not even touched half of the features. There are so many effects and ways to customize each page, with options that include everything from a shadow effect to adding buttons.  

The software gives you the option of creating pages yourself, and you can choose the background, word art, graphics, shadowing, etc--all yourself. You can also use a designed layout that you just add pictures too. The designs that are available with the software are truly beautiful and so much more detailed then the ones I completed, but I know I will be able to create pages that are just as beautiful, once I work with the software more.

I do like what I have been able to do so far. I know I said it does have a lot of features and options that may seem overwhelming at first, but it really isn't difficult to discover what you can do with the program. Everything is laid out well and all of the elements that you can work with are lined up on the side of the screen, so you can easily open and close each section to add what you want. I was able to easily click on each section and move page elements where I wanted them, which is something I have not been able to do with other programs.

Just playing around with the program I created this picture below, which I think would make a pretty cute layout for a scrapbook or for a blog background.

In addition to all of the features you get when you buy the software, you can also purchase digital scrapbooking kits from the My Memories site that offer even more page elements and layouts. They also offer a section of free digital scrapbook kits that you can download. Overall, I am definitely pleased with this software and will be using it in the future. I think I may try creating a few cards to send out to family and friends with new pictures of the children soon, and this program will save me so much money, as I can create the cards myself and still have it look professional.

Buy It: Love what you can do with the software and want to try it our for yourself? Simply head over to the My Memories site and download the free trial! Ready to share your memories in a  creative way? Already know you want to buy it? You can purchase My Memories Suite Software for $39.97. If you use my code, you can save $10! In addition, you will receive a $10 coupon code to use towards items from the store, so you can order some of your favorite digital scrapbooking kits. Enter code STMMMS51836 at checkout to receive your discount. 

Win It: I will be giving away one free download of the My Memories Suite Software during the Magical Mother's Day hop starting May 7th! Make sure to check back then to have the chance to win.

Want to learn more about the software? Check out this video to see what you can do with this awesome scrapbook software!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links/codes. I received a free download of the My Memories Suite software in order to facilitate this review. These factors to not determine the type of review posted, and the reviews are always factual and based on my own opinions. Please visit my Disclosure Policy for more information.
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