Friday, December 23, 2011

Our New Christmas Tradition

My husband set up a place for the Christmas tree, and we finally started decorating a few nights ago. As we looked through the box of ornaments, we found something peculiar. A brand new pair of Spiderman underwear. Apparently, it had accidentally been packed up after gifts were opened last year, with the Christmas stuff.

So, my son, being the little comedian that he is, hung the underwear from the tree and proudly exclaimed, "Merry Christmas."

I told him I will hang his underwear from the tree every year now, which he thought was hilarious. He asked if I was joking, and I told him no, I will do it every year now. I think it will be especially funny when he brings home people in the future and they see his undies on display.

I cannot remember where I read it now, but I think another blogger has this same tradition in her home. What traditions do you have during the holidays?

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