Friday, December 16, 2011

Start to Finish DVD Review and Giveaway

I was thrilled to be asked to review a new DVD called Start to Finish. This DVD is both educational and entertaining, so I was excited to see how my children would like it.

We are introduced to two funny puppet characters in the beginning of the movie, Whoops and Bubbs. These two little guys pop in throughout the DVD and help keep the children entertained, while also sharing information, asking questions, and helping children learn how something is completed--from "start to finish."

We begin at the farm and learn where milk comes from. My children have asked me before where milk comes from and how it gets from the cow to the grocery store, and this DVD helped show them exactly how it happens.

Next, we move on to applesauce. What kid doesn't love a bowl of applesauce? Ever wonder just how it gets from the orchard to those little cups at the store? This part of the movie explains it completely. We get to see the apples at the factory and learn exactly how an apple turns into applesauce, and how they are able to fill so many little packages.

Next up is pizza. I am not sure about you, but pizza is definitely a favorite in our home. The children each have toppings they love, and they enjoy when they get to make their own. We get to see Whoops and Bubbs attempt to make a pizza on their own, which is definitely entertaining. My children laughed out loud as Whoops and Bubbs tried to flip the pizza dough in the air. We move on to watch an expert create yummy pizza in different shapes.

The last segment of the DVD is all about firefighters. This is particularly special for my children, as my husband is a volunteer firefighter in our community. We watched as the firefighters opened the firehouse and gave us a peek inside. We got to see the men and women do chores, cook and do duties around the firehouse. When the alarm went off, the firefighters quickly jumped into action. We were able to see the firefighters fight a real fire, and then return back to the firehouse to clean up and get ready for the next emergency.

Throughout the entire DVD, Whoops and Bubbs are "encouraging children to explore the world around them." The movie definitely does that, as it helps explain exactly how things are made and what people do, from start to finish. Questions are posed and answered, so children understand how things work. The characters are entertaining and will make your little ones giggle. Mine laughed so much throughout the movie, and I have not seen them sit and watch something like this in a long time.

During normal educational shows and even some cartoons, my little ones do not sit still. This movie kept them intrigued, and they were not only watching something "fun," but they were learning, as well. They were genuinely fascinated learning about different things, and this is definitely a DVD I will recommend to other parents. My daughter said the movie was "really great and really awesome." My son said it was, "Cool and double super duper awesome."

Buy It

Created by Beth Harvey, this DVD helps teach children about how things work from "start to finish." Children are kept entertained with two fun characters, while also learning. You can purchase the DVD through the Start to Finish website.

The Giveaway

Start to Finish is offering you the chance to win a copy of this DVD. Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below to be entered. Thank you!
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Disclosure: I received a free copy of the DVD to complete this review, but all of the opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.


  1. This looks like a great movie for kids! TY!

  2. Looks like a good movie my daughter would enjoy it!


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