Saturday, March 17, 2012

Historic Breastfeeding Pictures and Art

I recently found some wonderful websites that have a large amount of historic breastfeeding pictures and paintings. I recently changed my picture on Facebook to include one of these beautiful pictures, because I think they are truly inspiring and show just how special breastfeeding is. I have included some pictures below, as well as resources of where you can find more. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. 

Artist: Reni, Guido, A.D. 1575-1642 This is one of my favorite paintings, as it depicts Mary breastfeeding Jesus.     

Title: A Mother's Love

Artist: Danhauser, Josef (1805-45)

Date: 1839

"The Mother" is a painting by Gari Melchers (1860-1932) The painting is circa 1900-1920. It is located at the Library of Congress.

Woman in white cape, breastfeeding a baby is a picture taken by photographer Day F. Holland (Fred Holland) (1864-1933). The picture is from 1905 and it is available at the Library of Congress.

Uganda. Jinja. Native mother and baby near Jinja

From Matson Photo Service circa 1936. This photo is at the Library of Congress.


Doula Emily has a blog post with a few historic breastfeeding pictures.

Historic Photos and Prints of Breastfeeding on Facebook has an extensive collection of historic breastfeeding pictures and art. They also have their own website.

The Library of Congress has many historic breastfeeding pictures and art.

Breastfeeding Art has a timeline of historic breastfeeding pictures.

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