Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Changes Coming Soon

I wanted to take a moment to let my readers know about the changes coming to this blog. I have always wanted a place where I could write what I wanted, when I wanted. I want to continue doing so, but with more of a goal in mind. I want to include everything about family life and being a parent, from raising a child with special needs to breastfeeding to crafts and children's activities.

Switching to Wordpress: I feel that switching to Wordpress will enable me to make the blog more user-friendly, and information will be easier to find. So, I have decided to make the switch from Blogger to Wordpress, which will most likely occur within the next month. If there is any downtime, please know that myself and my designer are working hard to make the transition as quick and efficient as possible. If you are trying to enter a giveaway and experience interruptions, please email me at jessica@arebutterfliesticklish.com and I will make sure your entries are correct and counted.

New Design: This brings me to my next point, the blog will be getting a new design. I love the blue and I love the butterflies, but I do want something that is more unique and specific to my blog. I am so excited to see my designer's ideas, so I hope you all stay tuned to see what the new design looks like.

Advertising: I am now seeking sponsors that would like to advertise on my blog. We have been gaining quite a following, so I would be thrilled to help companies share their products with a link or button on my sidebar. Advertisers, please view my PR page for more information.

Reviews and Giveaways: I am still going to do reviews and giveaways, so I am always interested in hearing from potential sponsors that would like me to complete a review and/or giveaway. I also plan to become more involved in group giveaways, but I would also love to help small businesses and Etsy shop owners gain more exposure through my blog.

Guest Posts: I am now accepting guest posts from other bloggers or website owners. These posts will not be paid at this time, but the author will be able to include a link back to their site and a bio at the beginning or end of the blog post.

Sponsored Posts and Site Reviews: I am also accepting sponsored posts and site reviews, for a fee. I can complete a review of a company's site or an individual's blog, or I can complete a blog post that shares information about a company and their products to my readers. These posts are usually paid posts, but I may consider link exchanges or reciprocal reviews as payment.

Writing Services and a New Blog: I have been freelance writing for several years, and I am currently accepting new clients. I have started a new blog on my professional writer's site that will cover topics related to working from home, freelance writing, and blogging tips. I would love for you to join me on my other blog if you are interested in those topics.

I hope everyone is excited for the new changes and stays tuned to see what new things are coming with this blog. I am so thankful to each of my readers, and I truly do appreciate all of the comments I receive on my posts.
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