Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zoobies Review and Giveaway

My children absolutely love stuffed animals, and they have plenty of them all over the house. My oldest son has started to outgrow his stuffed animal love, but he still has a few that he likes to keep in his room. He really loves having tons of blankets in his bed, so when I saw Zoobies, I thought they looked wonderful. I knew any of my children would love to have a Zoobies blanket, but I decided to get my oldest son one. When Zoobies agreed to do a review and giveaway with me, I was thrilled!

A Little About The Company: Zoobies was created out the passion and love for creating innovative products by two young brothers. They designed Zoobies to be something that was new, different, and versatile. The Zoobies concept is a stuffed animal that is also a pillow and a blanket. Zoobies were created to help make things easier on moms, as the products are convertible, comfortable, and convenient. Children can use Zoobies on road trips or during travel, and they have everything they need with one item-a blanket, a pillow, or a cute stuffed toy to play with. Maintaining high-quality products is very important to Zoobies, so each product is created with quality materials and is sure to be soft and cuddly.

My Review: I selected the alligator from the original Blanket Pets collection from Zoobies. When we first opened the package, all of my children really wanted to check out the cute alligator. Upon first glance, it appears to be a nice sized stuffed animal that is soft and cuddly. When I showed my children the zipper and they realized there was a blanket inside, they were so surprised and excited. My son immediately fell in love with the blanket. He went and laid down on the couch just so he could snuggle with the blanket for a while. Then, he started wearing the alligator on his head with the blanket dragging behind him like a cape. He thought it was so much fun and really enjoyed playing with it. At bedtime, his Zoobie had to join him and it is now a permanent part of his bedroom.

I thought the design of the product, a soft plush animal with a blanket tucked inside, is an incredibly creative and unique concept. I love that it can be transformed into a stuffed animal, so it would be easy to take on trips or sleepovers. The blanket is super soft and I was surprised that it is so large. My son is fairly tall for his age, yet the blanket was big enough to keep him covered up at night and there was still plenty of blanket surrounding him. I have found that a lot of blankets for children are on the smaller side, but this one is definitely big enough to keep little ones warm in their beds at night.

My daughter has already decided which of the Zoobies she has to have now, so I suppose we will be ordering one soon. With four children, when one child receives an item, they all end up wanting it. I don't always get them each the same thing unless it is something worth it, that I know they will actually use. This is definitely one of those items that would be used on a regular basis and is worth it to me to buy more than one.

(More pictures will be posted shortly.)

But It: You can purchase Zoobies Blanket Pets at www.zoobies.com. Right now, Zoobies is offering my readers a 20% discount off of any product using the code PARENTHOOD at checkout.

Win It: Zoobies is offering my readers the chance to win their very own regular Zoobies Blanket Pet. Simply enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck! 


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