Thursday, January 5, 2012

Anything Can Be a Song

My youngest daughter has decided that anything that happens can be turned into a song. We have been waiting for her to talk for a long time, and she still has a hard time getting her point across sometimes. Maybe singing is her way of expressing herself? I know all children develop at their own pace, but she has been quite stubborn with talking. So, I am happy that she is trying to communicate in some way.

Her latest songs are also quite funny. She fell down in the kitchen the other day, but she was fine and there were no injuries. Yet she felt the need to tell us about it by singing, "Fell and broke my head.....Fell and broke my heeeeeeaaaaaddddd....."

Today, while looking for her brother's lost sippy cup, I was entertained with another song,  "Loooosssttt yourrr cuuup.....looost yoouuur cuuup....."

What I take from this--anything can be a song. You can turn any situation into a song and find happiness, just like my little one. OK, maybe not every situation, but she sure makes the cutest songs. Who knows, maybe I have a future superstar in my house?

Some pics of my little girl. 

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