Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top Ten Things We Buy From the Dollar Store

I am a huge fan of the dollar store and so are my little ones. They love getting to go browse through all of the stuff at the store, and I love finding good deals. I know some things from the dollar store are not worth it, but we have found some that are worth it for us.

Small Toys: Yes, some of the toys are poorly constructed and cheap quality (they are only a dollar). However, my children love to spend the money they earn on something new, and the dollar store is the perfect place for them. They usually save up for something big, but we may take them to the dollar store just to spend a little bit of money once in a while. My oldest has a few sets of dollar store figures, and they are great for him. You can buy a whole bag of army, police or fire fighter figurines for $1.00. My daughters love the little dolls and princess crowns.

Books: From adult and children's bibles to coloring books, there are so many books at our local dollar stores. We have a few religious books for the children, as well as fun books with popular characters (Sesame Street, Wubbzy, etc.). I have also found a few books from the dollar store that turned out to well-written and interesting. My oldest daughter loves the Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears learning and activity books, and they are a great price compared to activity books that cost $10 from other stores.

Wipes: Our dollar store is usually stocked with packages of baby wipes that feature a Care Bears design (which is of course why my daughter had to have them). The wipes are a bit thin, but they are gentle on my children's skin and work OK. If I am out of coupons or the name brand wipes are not on sale, the dollar store wipes are great.

Snacks: I know they are not very nutritious, but my children do like to have an occasional honey bun or other snack. I like to buy foods in bulk at Sam's Club, but sometimes the snacks at the dollar store are more cost-effective. You never know what you may find at the dollar store either. The food they have is not always generic brands that you don't recognize. My  husband and son love a certain brand of chips that cost three times as much at the regular grocery store, and I can get bags for $1 at the dollar store. I was even at the store once and they had bags of Goldfish crackers for $1.

Decorations: I have found tons of cute decorations for every holiday at the dollar store. We also stock up on wrapping paper, tape, and gift bags here too. The same gift bags we buy for $1 cost three to four times as much at other stores.

Craft Items: I buy craft items for my children and for my son's classroom at the dollar store. I can get glitter glue, paper, markers, crayons, stickers, etc. cheaper here than anywhere else.

Cleaning and Organizing Supplies: I do not buy actual cleaning products here, as I do have some brand preference. However, I have bought sponges, buckets, storage containers, wipes, and brooms for just a $1. I did purchase a mop at the dollar store before, but it was quickly replaced with something sturdier.

Toothbrushes: Our dollar store has name brand toothbrushes for just $1, and it is usually cheaper to get them there than at another store, even with coupons.

Soap: Our dollar store stocks Softsoap brand hand soap for just $1. Unless it is on sale for $1 at the grocery store and I have coupons, it is usually cheaper to buy it from the dollar store.

Fireworks and Glow Sticks: So, this may be something that only relates to our family. My son loves fireworks, but we live in a state where only fireworks that stay on the ground are legal. Our dollar store has a bunch of neat items, and my husband will set them off for the children on special days during the year. They love it. They also have plenty of glow sticks that my children love to have during special events.

What are your best dollar store finds?

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  1. We usually hit the dollar store when the kids have earned a dollar or two and can't wait to spend them! The craft items and the small toys are what we usually go for.

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower from the Flock Together Tuesday Hop. I also buy books, snacks, and greeting cards at the Dollar store.

  3. Great list I love the book idea!! I'm following you back! Thanks for stopping by!!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  4. Oh this is a fun idea-- top ten tuesday- I am SO on top of that next week!

    We found a road sign puzzle for my road sign obsessed 4 yr old at the dollar store for christmas! It made his holiday! (it's hard to find stuff with road signs on it!!) I also buy crafting stuff there, candy, and decorations!

    thanks for following--I'm following you back!

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