Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top Ten Ideas for Working at Home

This is a post I created for a board I am a moderator for. I thought it may be helpful for someone who is looking for a job working from home. 

One of the best pieces of advice I received from another mom when I first started looking for a work at home job was to find out what I was passionate about. It took me quite a few tries to discover what I really was passionate about. I thought about starting my own scrapbooking business, but it never really played out. I looked around at a bunch of online jobs, found a lot of scams, and found some that were interesting.

Finally, I found writing. At first, it seemed like a lot of work and not something I could do for a living. Then, I realized that I people would actually pay me to write for them. Not everyone can create medical articles that are informative and interesting. Not everyone can create marketing copy that captures a customer's interest. I am constantly learning new things, and building my skills. Yet, I have found something that I can do from home that I truly enjoy (most of the time.) Of course, there are always assignments or projects that end up taking much longer than I anticipated, or end up being a lot of work. The fact that people actually pay me, and even come back requesting more work still surprises me. For the most part, I have found something that I am passionate about--sharing knowledge and information with words.

You need to be confident in your abilities and find the thing that you are passionate about. You may not always find something that you are truly passionate about at first, and that is OK. Explore the possibilities and discover the things you can do. You need to find something that you can do, and that you do well. Do you want a "job" or do you want to do something that you truly enjoy?

Top Ten Ideas for Working at Home

Do you enjoy writing on a blog? Are you interested in medicine, parenting, heath, emotional disorders, etc..? Can you create an article on these topics? If so, there are people that will pay you to write these articles. You can also find jobs writing on forums as a forum poster.

Do you enjoy helping other people? Do you like the customer service industry? You can work for online chat and telephone customer service companies.

Are you good at multitasking? You could be someone's virtual assistant.

Are you an excellent typist? A transcription company may be a good fit for you.

Are you creative? Do you sew? Create your own designs and sell them on etsy or ebay.

Are you an artist? There are people who will pay you to illustrate books for them, or create business cards and brochures.

Do you like photography? You can start your own photography business.

Can you do web design? You could build websites for companies.

Do you like to sell things and have parties in your home? Maybe you would like to be a consultant for a well-known company. There are consultant jobs for everything, including religious items, toys, candles, cosmetics and food items.

Do you have room in your home for more children during the day? Do you enjoy babysitting? You could start your own in home daycare. This option should be explored fully before going through with it, as there are certain regulations on how many children you can have and certifications you may need to do this legally.

These jobs all take work. Not one of them will be easy. But if you find one that you truly enjoy, then the training and work will be worth it to you.

Do you want more information about any of these ideas? Do you have ideas of your own?

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  1. This is one of the best posts I've seen on working at home. Most only include the standard "babysit, walk dogs, wash cars" mantra. lol :) Thanks for writing about this.


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