Monday, January 30, 2012

Calling all Bloggers: Cash Cow Event

I enjoy teaming up with other bloggers to offer my readers the chance to win an awesome prize. The newest event I have signed up with is the Cash Cow PayPal Giveaway. If you want to gain more followers, then signing up for an event like this is a great way to gain exposure for your blog! If you also want to give back to your fans with the chance to win a little extra cash, then joining up will also help you do that.

Event Details

Giveaway Dates: 2/6 - 2/20

Sign Up: The sign ups are open until 2/4. Simply fill out this form, and you will be contacted with further details. You will be sent a link to the Facebook group for the event. Make sure to join, so you can stay up to date on the details of the event.

Fee: This is one of the lowest cost events I have signed up with, which makes it affordable and easy to join! The fee is only $5 for two links. You can add two additional links for $3 each. Options for links include Facebook, Twitter, Google, Email, etc!

Payment: To join the event, fill out the form mentioned above and send your payment to as a gift via PayPal. Make sure to leave your blog name in the notes, so Ashley knows who has paid.

Prize: The total prize amount will depend upon how many bloggers sign up for the event. To see the success of Freckleberry Find's past events visit one of these links- link one, link two, and link three.

Enter for Free: The blogger who refers the most blogs will have the entry fee refunded, which means you could join the event for free!

To read more about the event details, please visit Freckleberry Finds.

If you sign up for the event, don't forget to say that "Are Butterflies Ticklish?" sent you!

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