Monday, April 9, 2012

Busy Day and a Trip to Walmart

I needed to run to the grocery store the other day, but I also needed to go to Walmart to get some items for around the house. My husband was working, so I took all four of my little ones with me. They haven't been able to go to Walmart lately, so they were excited to come with me. I know their favorite part is being able to see all of the toys, so we made a deal that if they would be good through both stores, then we would check out the toy aisles before we left.

The first thing we needed to do was run to the grocery store. We usually visit Shop n Save, because it is pretty close, not too crowded, and they have self checkouts. My children love being able to use the self checkouts and help me put the groceries in the bags. After our grocery store trip, we headed to Walmart to pick up some items for the home.

We walked through the store looking at all of the Easter items they still had. I was surprised that they still had so many items in stock, but I was also glad to know they had so much, since I wasn't done with my Easter shopping yet. I knew I would be able to run back out by myself later and pick up anything I may need. They had a large selection of candy, baskets, and small toys to put in Easter baskets.

After we checked out the Easter items, we headed to the back to find what we needed. We moved last year and threw away a lot of hangers in the process, which we now need since we have more closet space in the new house. I have been trying to get my children to keep their rooms organized and clean (as much as possible), so I wanted to get everyone some new hangers to keep their closets and clothing organized. Finally, we stumbled upon the aisle we were looking for. Walmart had a nice selection of hangers in different colors.

I accidentally left all of my baby carriers at home, so my son had to sit in the back of the cart in his car seat and my youngest daughter had to sit in the top part of the cart. That didn't leave much room for anything, but I was able to get the hangers in the cart. After that, we headed to the back to check out the toy aisles, which I knew is what my children had been waiting for. They loved looking at all of the toys. Even though they asked me to buy a few, I let them know that Easter would be here soon, so they were good and just looked at everything.

When we headed to the checkout lane, I noticed this nice display of snacks in little cup-sized containers. The children usually want something from the candy displays next to the checkout lanes, but I was not going to buy more candy with Easter right around the corner. These little containers were snacks from Nabisco, which included Nutter Butters, Ritz, Teddy Grahams, Chips Ahoy, and Oreo's. They were only $1 each, so I got a few for my children to have as a snack. They are a wonderful size for putting in the cup-holders in the car, which I thought was a great concept.

After our busy trip to the store, the children had been so good that I decided to reward them with a trip to the local game preserve. Our Walmart is right up the street from a large park, where the game preserve is located, so it was short drive right down the road. We visited the ducks, although there weren't too many there this time of year. There were plenty of turtles throughout the duck pond, most just sitting on the rocks beside the ducks. We were also able to see the peacocks and a few buffalo. After the trip to the duck pond, we went to the park and I let them play for a few minutes.

My children were all so sleepy by the time we got in the car, except for my littlest one who had fallen asleep at the duck pond. We had a fun day filled with shopping trips, the duck pond, and a trip to the park.

You can view my full shopping story in my Google Plus album.
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