Sunday, April 1, 2012

Have a Secret to Share? Get to Know the Person Behind the Blog

I was thinking of a post I wanted to write, when I did something I often do. I started reading other blogs and found myself lost in a sea of posts. I think blogging is an excellent way to let out your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and anything else you may have on your mind. I enjoy reading other blogs, and it helps me to feel a connection to someone whom I don't even know. I grieve with them, I laugh with them, I learn from them.

My blog has become a mixture of my family life combined with topics that interest me and the occasional review and giveaway. Yet, I often find myself saying something like, "that is for another blog post" or "I will post more about that in the future." I never really talk about me--things that define who I am, who I have become, and who I am continuously striving to be.

So, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the things that make up who I am with an ongoing series titled, Secrets About Me: Get to Know the Person Behind the Blog. This is inspired by my own idea for a post combined with inspiration from posts I just came across from Secret Week at After Nine to Five. My secrets are not always going to be deep, emotional, and heart-wrenching. Sometimes, they may be silly or just something about me that I never shared, but I hope they provide some insight into me--the girl behind this blog.

For the first post in my series, I am just going to share a secret that isn't very deep or emotional. This is a secret about my role as a housewife, mother, and lack of being domesticated--I am not a very good cook. I think I can cook a few things fairly well, but I am definitely no Top Chef. My husband has commented that I only make several things, which is true. I stick to what I know, what's easy, and what's cost-effective for me.

I decided to try something new the other night, which I haven't done lately. My husband had to leave for a meeting at the fire department, so he really lucked out this time. I created cheeseburger macaroni, based on a few recipes and some minor alterations to fit the tastes of my family. How hard can it be to mess up cheeseburger macaroni? It's really just meat, noodles, and cheese? Apparently, it is very easy for me. The noodles tasted gummy, the meat was not tasty, and the entire dish looked unappealing. My son said it best after taking one bite, "" Yes, it was. Even my younger two who love anything with noodles wouldn't eat it. My oldest daughter who usually eats everything and is always hungry wasn't even willing to try it.

So, there you have it. My first secret is that I can't really cook. Possibly my secret will be something more revealing next week. I am thinking of this first secret as a baby step to the bigger ones.

Now, for the part I am truly excited about. Like I mentioned, I love to read other blogs, so I am hoping a few (or more than a few) other bloggers will take this journey with me and reveal things about the person behind the blog. As a parent, I know a large part of our lives is our family, so I do expect some posts about children and family life, because it does make up who we are and the important people in our lives. Really, this hop is about getting to know the person behind the blog, and his or her family if the blogger wants to share those posts. The weekly themes won't always be real "secrets," as they sometimes may be just be sharing fun things or things that the blogger likes or doesn't like.

The theme for this week is to share a secret about being domesticated. Do you pretend to be a Top Chef in your home? Do you have awesome sewing skills? Do you always ruin clothing when you wash the laundry? The secret or little known fact that you share can be something you do well or something that you don't do well at all. 

To join in on this blog hop, simply fill out the link below with a direct link to your post. Make sure to try and check out a few other blogs and leave a comment on their posts. 

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