Thursday, April 5, 2012

Help Support The Peloton Project

I was recently informed about a new documentary that is going to cover the lives of nearly 40 cyclists as they embark on a journey across North America. The team members have been training for the past year, while also raising money for cancer care in their communities. As the team makes their way across the country they will also share stories of cancer survivors, caregivers, and a story of  a young woman who was just diagnosed with cancer. The team is taking on this year's Cancervive Peloton Project.

The journey will be starting October 2nd, with team members departing from Calgary, Alberta in Canada. They will travel to Lewiston, Maine as part of the Dempsey Challenge. During this time, they will complete the entire trip in just ten days, as they cycle day and night. Each of the six teams will need to complete 100 miles during their six hour leg of the race to stay on schedule. The team members will be paired up with "cancer warriors," and will be riding in their honor.

What the director says about the film:
 "real people with incredible stories told about their humble lives, challenges, and a commitment to move forward-sometimes charging, sometimes crawling, but finding the strength to advance."

The director, Ramsey Tripp, and producer, Laura Davis, are working on this project to help show those battling cancer that there is hope. This film is also currently being backed by Patrick Dempsey, who is also the executive producer. 

They are currently is need of backers to help support the film. They had a goal of $20,000 by April 6th, or they would not be able to receive funding to complete the documentary. They have reached their goal of $20,000, but there are still ways you can help. The entire film will cost about $600,000 to complete, but they need continued support to ensure corporate sponsors can see how much interest and support there is for the film. The costs for production of the film will cover trips to Calgary, equipment, hiring a crew, cameras, and other expenses. Although they have reached the goal of $20,000, they rest of the cost of the film will need to be covered by corporate sponsors, grants, and other donors. You could be one of the donors that helps bring this film to the world!

How you can help:

Learn more by visiting the website for The Peloton Project

Donate through the Kickstarter page. Even $1 will help show your support of the film.

Like The Peloton Project on Facebook and share the page with your friends or family.

Follow @thepelotonfilm on Twitter and Tweet about the film using hashtag #pelotonfilm

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