Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekly Clean Up Chart Printables for Children

Lately, it seems as though none of my children want to clean up anything. We have tried all the techniques and tips that we can think of, but they really don't want to clean up their toys and nothing can motivate them to even try. We can sometimes get most of the children to clean up, but one of my daughters still battles with us during the entire time we are cleaning. She seems to have a very stubborn attitude towards almost everything, unless it involves princesses or the color pink, so I have been lost trying to figure out what to do. We have tried putting things away in bins and limiting what she can play with, we have taken toys away, we have yelled and pleaded--but it has gotten us nowhere. When none of those techniques worked, we started to try and offer rewards, such as going outside, earning money, and getting to go to the store.

She usually lays on the floor and whines about how tired/hungry/bored/etc. she is while everyone else cleans up. We have tried making clean up time fun, and we try to turn it into a game. That works for some of my children, but not for my little princess. I was feeling exasperated and frustrated with the amount of toys and clothes everywhere when I started remembering how stubborn she was with potty training. What finally worked was a sticker chart. Something so simple, yet she really loved it. What made the difference was that she was able to pick out cute stickers and was so excited to add a new one to the chart when she used the potty. I decided that a weekly chore chart may work. Of course, it may not, but for right now, it is my only idea.

I started creating a few and decided to share them. You can print them out yourself and try them with your children at home. I have made a few different ones (some you can use a sticker with and some are just for check marks). If you decide to try using these charts, I would love it if you shared your experiences!

Fairy Chart 

PDF Download

Car Chart

Weekly Clean Up Chart

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