Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Places to Donate Your Hair to Charity

Have you ever donated your hair to charity? As someone with long hair, which has always been  extremely long, I think about this often. One of the problems with donating hair is finding a place that will accept your hair the way it is and finding a reputable organization that will actually use your hair.

The first time I cut my hair, I donated it to Locks of Love. I have since read a lot of conflicting information regarding Locks of Love, and that they may sell extra hair to wig making companies to raise additional money. I will include Locks of Love in my lists of places that accept hair donations, and anyone who wishes to donate there can do so. I do know that Locks of Love is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and that they say they only sell hair that is too short, gray or unusable. The reason they state that they sell gray hair is that they cannot use it for children, but they use the funds to help manufacture the wigs.

Locks of Love: They create wigs and hair pieces for children that have certain medical conditions, such as alopecia areata. They also create wigs for children that are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, have experienced trauma or burns, or have other genetic or dermatological conditions. They aim to give children a sense of normalcy and confidence after suffering from hair loss.

Donations: They accept hair that is colored or permed, but not bleached or in dreadlocks. Hair must be 10 inches in length. Many salons throughout the US accept hair donations for Locks of love.

Recipient Information: The children receive wigs for free or on a sliding scale based on income. To be eligible for a hair piece, applicants must submit medical forms, financial records, and two letters of recommendation, as well as application.

Wigs For Kids: They are recommended by the American Cancer Society. They create wigs for children who have certain medical conditions, have experienced burn trauma, or are undergoing medical treatments that caused them to lose their hair. They aim to help children improve their self-esteem while battling a medical condition. They don't want children to have to worry about their appearance while going through an already emotional time.

Donations: This is a list of salons that donate hair to Wigs For Kids. You can also fill out the donation form and send in the hair yourself. They do accept gray hair, but they do not accept hair that has been chemically treated. Hair must be 12 inches in length to be donated.

Recipient Information: Parents need to fill out an application form for their child with information about their medical history, referral information, and insurance information. To be eligible, children must have a referral from a medical professional and come from a family that cannot afford to purchase a wig.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths: They are recommended by the American Cancer Society. They create wigs for women with cancer. Pantene wants to help women grow strong, beautiful hair which can in turn be donated to help women with cancer. They aim to help women feel like themselves again after losing their hair.  They are currently partnering with Seventeen magazine to sponsor National Donate Your Hair Day, which is April 27th.  Click this link to find out more information about National Donate Your Hair Day and to find a salon near you.

Donations: Hair must be no more than 5 percent gray. They will accept hair that has been dyed with vegetable dyes or semi-permanent color, but they prefer hair that is free from chemical treatments. They do not accept hair that has been permanently colored, treated with other chemicals, or bleached. Hair must be 8 inches in length.

Recipient Information: Wigs are distributed at no cost to women with cancer through the American Cancer Society.

Wigs 4 Kids: They provide wigs to children and adults who are in need of one in Michigan. They aim to give children a sense of belonging, by helping them fit in with their peers.

Donations: Hair must be 10 inches in length. Hair cannot be colored or chemically treated.

Recipient Information: Applicants must fill out an application form with medical information and referral information. They also ask applicants to be an ambassador of the program by writing their sponsor a thank you note, sending before and after pictures, and participating in events if they are healthy enough to do so. 

Wigs 4 Kids and The Childhood Leukemia Foundation: Wigs 4 Kids has partnered with the Childhood Leukemia Foundation to help as many children as possible overcome the emotional trauma of hair loss.

Donations: The same donation requirements apply to those as Wigs 4 Kids.

Recipient Information: The Childhood Leukemia Foundation has a program known as Hugs-U-Wear. This program helps children with cancer by providing them with 100 percent human hair wigs and child-friendly hats.

If you choose to donate your hair to any of these organizations, make sure to read the donation requirements at the website first. Each organization has specific requirements and ways they like the hair to be cut and tied, so please read it carefully so your donation is accepted. I think donating your hair is a wonderful way to help those in need. Like I mentioned, I have once donated to Locks of Love and my next donation may be going to Wigs For Kids. I am ready to cut my hair again, so I may be ready to make another donation soon. 

Have you ever donated your hair? Will you be donating your hair on National Donate Your Hair Day?

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